Brew Group

Summer 2003

The Brew Group gets together again to create yet another dark beverage. This particular recipe was only the second "non-kit" we tried.

The first non-kit was no fun. Being an "all grain" recipe (no liquid malt), the time element is dramatically increased. We didn't know this going into it. Plus, someone decided they had steeped the wort just about long enough and removed it from the boil about an hour to early.

What resulted was a very pale IPA; the flavor had lots of potential but fell flat - and there wasn't a lot of carbonation. They did, however, cut very good Black and Tans. NOTE: on a trip to London that summer, I realized their ales taste EXACTLY the same - flat and pale so I think we from the u.s. simply have over hopped expectations when it comes to beer.

Matthew came up with this recipe, partly from a book, partly from his head. It all went fairly smoothly, thanks to the addition of a Turkey fryer with its 10,000 BTU burner. Brings water to a boil right-quick.

Have a home brew

Adding malt

Boil with turkey grill

mmm . . .

. . .malty

Have another home brew

Dogs and beer

Wait for the boil

The Turkey Fryer

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