Bar Party 2003

November 22, 2003

Two years ago in our old apartment on Vilas, we hosted our first "bar party" by constructing small wooden "bars" across each doorway in the kitchen (see illustration below). They were functional as total strangers conversed as they ordered their favorite drinks. But these bars were, well . . ., small.

So to take this party to the next level, I made the bar bigger. Not only was it bigger (spanning the kitchen of our house), it had plush burgundy carpet covering the front draped in subtle lighting from above. The railing was made of real wood, stained and glossed. I even installed a railing along the bottom to rest your feet on. We spent about $20 on the whole bar, including the carpet. Sadly, it was the least expensive item for the evening.

Adam wanted a "early colonial" theme or something so I was pressured to buy a couple of period-style paintings, plus Bicentennial glassware and a little picture of the liberty bell - all from St. Vinnie's. I think it worked but I don't know if anyone noticed.

Party-goers were asked to bring components for mixed drinks (Vodka, Rum, Club Soda, etc.). Draught beer was provided (Kostrizer Schwartz, Warsteiner and Paulaner Oktoberfest from 5L mini-kegs). Kathy and a another friend created a wonderful spread of specialty snacks of meatballs, humus, spiced nuts and little quesadillas.

The whole night went off very well without anyone needing to be kicked out. There were several bartenders making a cornucopia of different drinks (some from The Bartender's Bible, others, mistakenly, from their own "creativity"). Folks stayed around till about 2:30. And despite a sticky kitchen floor cleanup wasn't so bad

The next bar party has to be bigger. Unfortunately, this can't happen at our place as we just don't have the space for such a large attraction. But I saved the wood and I'm hoping for at least a 3 sided bar. I have plans if anyone wants to see them.


The first bar

The 2003 bar

The bar maid

The bartender

The bar from above

The bar crowd

The bar flies

The bar specials

The bar tap

The bar graffiti

The bar dance

The bar song

The bar keith

The bar ben

The bar lush

The bar game

The bar cat

The bar after

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